Vision and goals

In the paper, we introduced the first generation of DApp is defined as the unlimited expansion of global level block chain architecture Honeycomb Network, our goal is to create a happy zone with the globalization of the Internet the same level of infrastructure, to be able to accommodate and orderly organization an infinite number of geographically dispersed node, thus to provide all kinds of decentralized application security and stability of block chain services.


Function and technology

Honeycomb Network builds the underlying layer based on script and chain protocol concepts by using the ethereum underlying technology.Enables merchants/users, third-party testing agencies, and users to create arbitrary consensus-based, traceable, extensible, standardized, feature-complete, easy-to-develop, and coordinated applications.

  • date shotage
  • Distributed
  • Encryption tech
  • smart contracts
  • networking tech
  • POS Consensus

Service case

The traceability technology of Honeycomb Network each product or service a unique encryption anti-copy traceability code. By collecting and recording the information of production, circulation, consumption and other links of the product, it can realize the information chain "the source can be checked, the direction can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated”


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  • CEO

    Marko Podgorsek

    He graduated with a PhD from the University of Toronto's department of finance and economics, founded a number of technology companies in the United States and Canada, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of financial investment, and has successively operated three IT companies on nasdaq
  • COO

    Diego Milner

    Graduated from the London School of Economics, London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Accounting and Finance (degree in accounting and finance). He has been the operations director of UNITEDHEALTH GROUP United Health Group and has many years of management experience.
  • CTO

    Richard Evans

    University of Toronto computer science, where he was director of distributed routing product development at Newbridge Networks Corp. The technology of Tandem Computers has been absorbed through traditional routes and exchanges into the pure data network market.Participate in the underlying development of blockchain projects in multiple areas.
  • Adviser

    Hamid Mehrabanfar

    He graduated with a master's degree in economics from Columbia University, served as CFO of Swiss ABB group, and has a deep popularity and influence in the industry.

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